Low FODMAP Cookbook

Customer Reviews

Variety of delicious recipes and informative too!

Delicious recipes and clear information about IBS, food swaps etc that have helped me add more variety into my diet. I have cooked recipes from this book for large groups of friends and family and I get a lot of compliments and no one notices that’s it’s all low FODMAP! I feel a lot more confident cooking yummy varied meals that won’t affect my gut! Thanks Alana and team for creating an amazing book! 

My go to book for dinner every night


I was introduced to this cookbook about a year ago, took me a while to get into it as I have not been able to use use a cookbook without having to sub in and sub out the entire ingredients list for at least 5 years.

I now use this book almost every night to make my dinner and give me inspiration and inspire my dinner. My partner even loves the food which makes my life much easier.

The butter chicken is now a weekly staple and we have tried a wide range of recipes in the book and they are all truly tasty! I like to use the sauces from some recipes with others to mix things up. The sticky ribs sauce makes a great sauce for a leftover pork stir fry and I love the peanut dipping sauce for anything chicken.

This book is now my bible, it has a wide range of dishes to cater for any event and all-round just makes my life easier as I have IBS.

Even if you don’t have any allergies this book will still provide you with easy and delicious recipes so make sure you get a copy!

Every Recipe I Cook Works & Tastes Good!

Love this cookbook. The best recommendation I can give for any cookbook is being able to say that every recipe I cook actually works and tastes good. This book meets those criteria. Congratulations and well done.

Finally – a tasty FODMAP cookbook!

I cannot tell you the number of recipes I have tried from all different resources that make like cardboard seem like a fancy feast.

Alana has changed our world with her cookbook. The recipes are packed with flavour while using everyday ingredients. I even recommend these recipes to friends and family who dont follow a FODMAP diet. Buying this book is a no-brainer.

Homely secure cooking

Very easy to follow recipes that bring a smile to your face knowing that your tummy will also be happy 😊. Alana’s recipes remind me of my mum’s cooking. Comforting and cooking from staples already in the pantry. Fabulous book- especially the lemon butter.

My go to!

This book is my go to, with having a gluten and dairy allergy and recently having to try low fodmap my dietitian reccomended this cookbook. The recipes are allergy friendly and delicious! I highly recommend this cookbook!


Excellent book the recipes are delicious

This book is excellent! The recipes are very clear, good photographs, I have tried quite a few recipes now and all so far have turned out perfectly. The descriptions are thorough and very supportive in tone, giving you confidence to try different foods. Enough theory to give good guidance about the low FODMAP plan without being too overwhelming. I thoroughly recommend it it brings the joy of cooking and eating back in safe manageable ways.

Love this book

It has great recipes and info.❤️

My Cooking Bible

I was diagnosed with IBS in 2019 after years of gut issues. I had struggled with what was causing my problems as I ate very healthy but to no avail. Now that I know my issues I am so grateful for “The Gut Friendly Cookbook!” It makes my life so simple. I only cook from this book now and all my family and friends LOVE the recipes. There is plenty of variety to cook, easy to make and my gut is forever thankful. I have bought a copy for my daughter and now her family are also LOVING it.
This is my bible for IBS and I recommend it 100%

Life changing!☆☆

The Gut friendly cookbook is so much more than just a cookbook. The guide on the 3 phases helps to know where to next and how to move beyond phase 1. Our family has egg and nut allergies amongst others I love that the gut friendly cookbook makes it easy to adjust for this! It means a lot to be able to make safe food for my family and know they are getting all the nutrients they need for our busy life 🙂