Garlic Infused Oil

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Garlic Infused Oil

Garlic infused oil is a cooking oil that can be used to replace garlic flavour on the low FODMAP diet. By now you probably already know that garlic is high FODMAP in all its forms (raw, roasted, powdered) and needs to be avoided in the first phase of the diet.

So why is garlic infused oil low FODMAP?

The FODMAPs in garlic are water soluble but not oil soluble. This means the FODMAPs can dissolve in water but they can’t escape out of the garlic and into the cooking oil, so you get all of the garlic flavour with none of the FODMAPs.

How much is low FODMAP?
According to Monash University you can enjoy 1 tablespoon of garlic infused oil per meal. For more serving size information please visit the Monash University FODMAP Diet App.

Follow this link for more information on how to choose or make a garlic infused oil.

Reviewed by registered dietitian: Joanna Baker APD 

Last Reviewed: 2 May 2022

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