FODMAP Reintroduction Help

Oh hello! Great job on conquering the first phase of the low FODMAP diet. It’s time to bring back the FODMAPs, find your food freedom AND keep your symptoms settled.

Truth. The first phase of low FODMAP diet only lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Definitely not forever…

You might be thinking but I’ve JUST found my happy gut place and now you want to ruin it with FODMAPs. Seriously not keen. Trust me we know.

BUT did you know that lots of people only react to 1 OR 2 of the FODMAP groups! This means there might be a whole heap of delicious foods you’re missing out on. That is a tragedy (the foodie in you knows it).

Plus, your healthy gut bugs need you. To them, FODMAPs are like nourishing bowls and green smoothies. FODMAPs are the healthy fuel they love. FODMAPs keep your gut bugs healthy, happy and help them protect your health.

SO it’s time to put your adult pants on and get excited about bringing back high FODMAP foods. It’s time to challenge!

We'll Walk You Through It


Our Wellness Club has everything you need to conquer your FODMAP challenges. All resources are dietitian approved.

Reintroduction E-Course.

Banish FODMAP reintroduction confusion with our structured challenge plan. Our FODMAP challenge course will walk you through how to test each FODMAP group over a ten-week period. We’re also on hand to answer all of your questions.

We’ll even teach how to put together an IBS emergency kit just in case you get a symptom flare up! It’s also dietitian approved so you can proceed with confidence.

Low FODMAP Meal Plans.

The secret to the FODMAP reintroduction & re-challenge phase is to keep the rest of your food low FODMAP so you get clear challenge results.

You can use our low FODMAP meal plans and recipes throughout the week and just swap in your challenge foods.

Good food helps keep you on track.

So Easy. Done.

Symptom Tracking.

Keep an eye on how your tracking with our symptom tracker tools.

You can activate daily tracking as you go through the challenge phase and systematically log your symptoms.

This will help you to find identify which sneaky FODMAPs are setting off your grumbly gut.



Feedback From Our Community

Thank you so much for all the resources & support you provide! I am so pleased I signed up. The meal planning is awesome, the e-courses are beautiful and I love the email/chat support. Rebecca, USA

Before I was feeling confused and overwhelmed but the Wellness Club has helped my gut find its happy place. I now know what my triggers are and I can eat with confidence. Hannah, UK

The Wellness Club is AMAZING! The meal plans and recipes make cooking easy & the e-courses are walking me through the FODMAP phases. Emily, Australia