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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the clubs have resources for the elimination phase and reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet?

They sure do. All our recipes and meal plans are suitable for the first elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet. In the FODMAP Made Easy you can also access a 6 week FODMAP101 online course that guides you through the first phase of the diet, then you can move onto our FODMAP Reintroduction online course that teaches you how to reintroduce high FODMAP foods and identify foods that trigger your symptoms. We also have a range of dietitian led online group classes that you can join on different gut health and FODMAP topics.

What are my billing options?

We offer flexible billing options and you can choose from monthly and yearly memberships. You can cancel at any time during your membership period to stop your card from being billed again.

Do you have low FODMAP vegan & vegetarian recipes and meal plans?

Yes! Through our FODMAP Made Easy membership you can access 8 weeks of nutritionally balanced vegan and vegetarian meal plans. We also have lots of low FODMAP recipes for you to enjoy – there are 430+ vegetarian recipes of which 225+ recipes are suitable for vegans. You can access these recipes via the Recipe Club or FODMAP Made Easy.

How do I cancel my club membership?

You can cancel your club membership at any time to stop your account from being re-billed. To cancel your membership go to your membership subscription page.

Are A Little Bit Yummy resources credible?

They sure are. We have world leading FODMAP trained dietitians on hand to answer questions and review content so you can eat with confidence.

Our founder, Alana Scott has been a recipe writer for the Monash University FODMAP team. This means she has been trained in how to accurately write tasty low FODMAP recipes that don’t contain FODMAP stacking.

A Little Bit Yummy is recommended as a credible low FODMAP resource by dietitians and gastroenterologists from around the world, has been used in Low FODMAP Research Studies by The University of Otago, and has been mentioned as a credible resource in medical journal articles in ‘Practical Gastroenterology’ and ‘Nutrition in Clinical Practice’.

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